Our group explores the following question:
How do marine organisms use chemicals to solve critical problems of competition, disease, predation, and reproduction?

Ongoing projects include:
1) Waterborne chemical cues in the marine plankton: a systems biology approach (including metabolomics);
Exploration, conservation, and development of marine biodiversity in Fiji and the Solomon Islands (including drug discovery, mechanisms of action, and chemical ecology);
The role of sensory environment and predator chemical signal properties in determining non-consumptive effect strength in cascading interactions on oyster reefs;
Regulation of red tide toxicity by chemical cues from marine zooplankton;
Chemoreception of prey chemical defenses on tropical coral reefs.

We are especially interested in training undergraduate students, graduate students, and postdoctoral researchers in interdisciplinary science combining biology and chemistry, towards finding novel solutions to current environmental and biomedical challenges with broad societal impact.

Group Poster 03-03-2016